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Kosteneffektive Qualitätsverbesserung von Softwaredokumenten durch Perspektivenbasierte Inspektionen
by O. Laitenberger

Cost-Effective Detection of Software Defects Through Perspective-based Inspections
by O. Laitenberger
Fraunhofer IRB Verlag, 2000
Software organizations must deliver high quality products on time and within budget to remain competitive in the marketplace. However, the reliable and predictable development of high quality software continues to be a major problem, largely due to the inadequate and late removal of defects. One of the proposed solutions for early detection and removal of defects is software inspection. However, despite the large body of inspection experience accumulated over the last 20 years, there is still a need for further work on the question of how managers can organize a software inspection with respect to the examined documentation and, once it has been organized, how developers can perform the defect detection activity in a systematic manner. This thesis presents a new approach to inspection organization. It argues for organizing inspections around logical entities from the software architecture rather than around particular (types of) documents. Although this approach, dubbed architecture-centric inspection organization, is generally applicable, we consider it particularly valuable for inspections in object-oriented development projects. To provide systematic support for detecting defects in the documentation of any logical entity, this thesis introduces the Perspective-based Reading (PBR) technique. The basic idea underlying PBR is to focus each inspector on a specific viewpoint and to provide active guidelines for scrutinizing the documentation of one or several logical entities for defects. To elaborate this idea into a generally applicable technique, the thesis provides an in-depth description of PBR. Moreover, it explains how to tailor PBR to various inspection situations. To quantify the potential benefits of PBR in conjunction with the architecture-centric inspection organization, this thesis describes three empirical studies. The primary goal of these studies was the evaluation of PBR in comparison with more traditional reading techniques, that is, ad-hoc or checklist-based reading. The study results suggest that PBR increases the defect detection effectiveness as well as the cost-effectiveness of inspections. By providing a detailed explanation of PBR, we expect that researchers will be able to extend the scope of the technique, perform replications of our empirical studies, and set up new ones. The reported experiences gathered in the design, execution, and analysis of our studies may be helpful for these purposes. However, we strongly believe that the lessons learned in those studies are beneficial for the empirical software engineering field in general. Practitioners not only receive concrete advice about how to apply the architecture-centric approach for inspection organization and how to utilize PBR for their specific inspection implementation, but also how to evaluate software inspections in their projects and their organizations.

An Encompassing Life-Cycle Centric Survey of Software Inspection
by O. Laitenberger and J.-M. DeBaud
Journal of Systems and Software, 50 (1), pp. 5-31, 2000

Software Reviews: The State of the Practice
by M. Ciolkowski, O. Laitenberger and S. Biffl
IEEE Software, vol. 20, no. 6, pp. 46- 51, 2003

Using Inspection Technology in Object-Oriented Development Projects
by O. Laitenberger, C. Atkinson and K. El Emam

An Internally Replicated Quasi-Experimental Comparison of Checklist and Perspective-based Reading of Code Documents
by O. Laitenberger, K. El Emam, and T. Harbich
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 2001

Perspective-based Reading of Code Documents at Robert Bosch GmbH
by O. Laitenberger, J.-M. Debaud
Information and Software Technology 39(11): 781-791, Nov. 1997

Experimentelle Bewertung von Software-Lesetechniken in der industriellen Praxis
by O. Laitenberger

The Empirical Investigation of Perspective-Based Reading
by V. R. Basili, S. Green, O. Laitenberger, F. Lanubile, F. Shull1, S. Sørumgård, M. V. Zelkowitz
Journal of Empirical Software Engineering, vol. 1. No.2: 133-164, 1996

Systematic Improvement of Technical Reviews in Large-Scale Systems Development
by O. Laitenberger, M. Leszak, W. Brunck, D. Stoll
1st Inspection Workshop, WISE, Paris, 2001

Evaluating a Model of Review Success Factors in an Industrial Setting
by O. Laitenberger, M. Leszak, D. Stoll, and K. El Emam
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Software Metrics, 1999

Using Simulation to Build Inspection Efficiency Benchmarks for Development Projects
by L. Briand, K. El Emam, O. Laitenberger, T. Fussbroich
Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Engineering, 1998

The application of subjective estimates of effectiveness to controlling software inspections
by K. El Emam, O. Laitenberger, T. Harbich
Journal of Systems and Software, Volume 54, Number 2, 15 October 2000 , pp. 119-136(18)

Decision Models for Controlling Software Inspections
by K. El Emam and O. Laitenberger

The Optimal Team Size for UML Design Inspections
by S. Boodoo, K. El Emam, O. Laitenberger, N. Madhavji

A Comprehensive Evaluation of Capture-Recapture Models for Estimating Software Defect Content
by L. Briand, K. El Emam, B. Freimut, O. Laitenberger
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Volume 26, No 6, June 2000

Evaluating Capture-recapture Models with Two Inspectors
by K. El Emam, O. Laitenberger
NRC Report, 1999, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, v.27 n.9, p.851-864, September 2001

Building Resource and Quality Management Models for Software Inspections
by L. Briand, I. Wieczorek, O. Laitenberger
Proceedings of the International Software Consulting Network, 1997.

Ursprung von Software Inspektionen:

A History of Software Inspections
by Michael Fagan
sd&m Conference 2001

The Best Influences on Software Engineering
IEEE Software, January/February 2000

Advances in Software Inspections
IEEE Transactions On Software Engineering, July 1986

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